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The Eternal Enneagramm Wall Calendar



Beautify your life and taste your home – with an everlasting ENNEAGRAM wall calendar from the Publishing House RATHMER – your friendly book publisher! 

This lovingly designed „Eternal Enneagram Wall Calendar“ (A4 portrait format, matt, approx. 21 x 30 cm, spiral binding with hanger) with atmospheric and helpful notes / references may soon be hanging on your wall at home!

For this high-quality Enneagram calendar you will surely find a small place in your cosy home! A true eye-catcher and a statement of self-knowledge!

Never before studying the most important principles of the Enneagram has been easier and more aesthetically pleasing…

13 central Enneagram themes are presented here beautifully, stylishly and expressively, prepared in a varied high-quality printing process. The Enneagram calendar accompanies you throughout the year, gives helpful information about the Enneagram and always remind you who you really are in your essence. The calendar is a so-called eternal calendar (= every year calendar, perpetual calendar) and can therefore become a faithful companion for you and your loved ones for many, many years. You can thus use your Enneagram calendar at any time of the year – as an eternal calendar it never „expires“!

Creative & artistic design: Detlef Rathmer

12 calendar pages plus cover sheet

From the content:

Cover Page: Famous Composers

January Calendar Sheet: The 27 Subtypes

February Calendar Sheet: Power & Love

March Calendar Sheet: The Characteristic Role Patterns of the 9 Enneatypes and the Symmetry of the Enneagram

April Calendar Sheet: The Three Basic Life Forces of the Enneagram

May Calendar Sheet: The Search for True Love – 9 Wrong Ways

June Calendar Sheet: Disease (Illness) Behavior & Polarities

July Calendar Sheet: The Main Dependencies of the 27 Subtypes

August Calendar Sheet: The Nine-Year Cycles of (Eternal) Life

September Calendar Sheet: The Dynamics of Health & Disease

October Calendar Sheet: Symbolic Figures & Characteristic Traits

November Calendar Sheet: The 9 Countertypes of the Enneagram

December Calendar Sheet: The Way of the Cross of Jesus in 9 Stations


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Delivery time: Approx. one week (7-14 working days)

Price: 24,95 Euro free shipping within Germany

Depending on the country, orders from abroad require a slightly longer delivery time (approx. 10-21 days) and can unfortunately not be shipped free of charge due to the significantly higher postage.