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MOTIVATIONAL ENNEAGRAM TYPE TEST - Recognize your true motivation - recognize yourself!



This carefully designed type test is called motivational, so it is fundamentally based on human motivation. For a more reliable indication of the Enneatype it is absolutely necessary to determine the true essential basic motivation of a person. In addition, one can use the purely psychological action and behavioral patterns of a person only conditionally, but it is more important to determine what is underlying the action; that is, the so-called intrinsic motivation. For this reason, in Enneagram circles the saying goes: The behavior is nothing – the motivation is EVERYTHING! Most of the Enneagram type tests, however, are primarily based on focusing on the behavior of a person to be typed, so that false typing will always occur. In contrast, in this Motivational Enneagram Type Test, the focus of the 100 test questions is on the underlying motivational basic structures of personality, i.e. on the „why“ of the specific behavioral and action patterns of humans. This makes it a reliable type test for determining one`s own Enneatype!